What is Daily Density?

The Daily Density is a daily email that helps you grow your following on Instagram faster! It tells you who the most influential followers and commenters are on any Instagram account, every day.

What information is in each email?

Each day we provide: the top 10 most influential Instagram accounts that followed your tracked account; the most important likes you should be aware of, the most engaged followers; the most popular posts that day for that account; and a few more stats we are testing out.

Can I receive emails for accounts that I do not own?

No. You need to be able to login through that instagram account.

How do I actually use this information to grow my audience?

We provide Growth Tips at the beginning of each email. It is very easy to do, usually it just comes down to following and commenting on the right account's photos to be seen by hundreds of thousands more Instagram users.

How do you price this service?

Each account you track starts at $9.99 a month. You can track unlimited accounts and can cancel at anytime.

For additional help, you can get an analysis and consultation from our team at info@dailydensity.com